Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Catblogging: Keaton and Boris, Sittin' in a Tree ...

UPDATED: Blogger somehow managed to delete a picture from my computer when I uploaded it to use here. So I'm not going to be uploading to them until they figure out what the hell is going on.

Keaton cleaning Boris, originally uploaded by Mnemosyne_LA.

A year ago, we lost our younger cat, Natasha, to breast cancer. Yes, cats get breast cancer, and it's extremely nasty. It's much more common in cats that are unspayed or spayed late (as Natasha was). Yet another reason to spay your cat, as if you needed another one.

Boris, who's now 14, became very mopey and clingy, so we found him a kitten to play with -- Keaton. Boris was, to say the least, not terribly thrilled at first, especially when Keaton gave him a cold. But Keaton decided from Day One that Boris was his best friend in the whole world and he wasn't going to let Boris pretend otherwise. Slowly but surely, he won Boris over.

This picture is of one of Keaton's biggest victories: he's grooming Boris. Boris would never groom Natasha, or let her groom him, but Keaton just pins him down despite his protests and starts licking his head. Now Boris is a very well-groomed senior cat.

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