Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Catblogging: Annie is behind in her reading

Annie has figured out that if she gets a running start, she can jump from the back of the couch to the top of our six-foot-tall bookcases and have a nap spot where Keaton can't bother her. He's just too massive to make it up that high.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Keaton and Annie: The New Blend

IMG_2171.JPG, originally uploaded by mnemosyne_la.

It's so bizarre to think that two years ago, we had Boris and Natasha. Then it was just Boris. Then it was Boris and Keaton.

Then, for a brief time, it was just Keaton. And he was miserable. He spent a lot of time biting our knees, desperate for someone to wrestle with.

So we went back to Happy Strays. G. and I each looked at the website, and we were both intrigued by a little tiger-striped girl named Annie. The description said that she was a little shy with people, but that she loved other cats.

Which means that we didn't get a kitten. Keaton got a kitten. He lets us share sometimes, but she really is his kitten.

I still get a pang of missing Boris and Natasha, though.

Jesus, more than a pang, I guess. I originally titled this post "Boris and Annie" and didn't realize it until I saw the completed post.

New Year, New Cats, New Blog

Well, 2007 sucked ass. Here's hoping 2008 will be better.