Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New Cats, New Blog

Well, 2007 sucked ass. Here's hoping 2008 will be better.

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Gerard said...

I like to think of the two biggest things that DIDN'T happen last year:

1) No one banged up her knee.

2) No one banged up his car.

Other than that, the absolute worst thing to happen was Mr. B's dying. Actually, his being sick was worse, but the experience as a whole really did suck ass.

In the midst of it, though, we discovered just how amazing Mr. K could be in a crisis. He's a big goofball, but a goofball with a HUGE heart. Boris didn't think he needed him, but boy, did he love having him around.

Then there's Miss Annie. Keaton went from being the doting little brother to the doting big brother without missing a step. And she's finally letting us pet her! Years from now, it'll be hard to imagine how life was without them around. (And all the time wondering how Boris and Natasha would have reacted to them...)

I got a promotion, and you got a new job -- with a MUCH less crazy boss than the one you had before -- and those are both good things.

2007 sucked, but it didn't lack any redeeming qualities. And once again, we had each other.